Catie has been styling my hair for about three and a half years now. I mean it when I say I’d wait a year for her if I had to before letting someone else touch my luscious locks. Her work is honest and meaningful. I tell her what I’m looking for and she does it–EXACTLY IT. There’s never an excuse or an, “I can’t do that”. Catie is great at explaining her processes and making sure you truly understand what she’s doing and in turn, by understanding, we can then take better care of our hair ourselves. After seeing all the great work Catie has done on just my hair alone, my mother, aunt, and two friends are now also getting styled by Catie. So, of course, after getting engaged I knew immediately that I wanted, no, needed, Catie and Amy to take care of me and my girls on my wedding day. We started with a trial, because the combination of “looks” out there are endless. We discussed what we thought would work best with all the other details of the day. It was a perfect look! The big day came and I told Catie I wasn’t in the mood to rock the original look she created for me–I was feeling adventurous and daring. I wasn’t nervous in the slightest as to how my makeup and hair would turn out, without having seen it beforehand. I trust Catie 100%. I knew she was going to hook me up, and that she did. Catie and Amy made sure we were all on time by sticking to a schedule she first laid out for us. They both listened to the looks me and the girl’s had in mind and created them perfectly. Catie and Amy stick to classic looks, while taking new, fun, creative ideas and making them your own, while sticking to who you are as an individual. Catie and Amy were kind and fun and people I loved sharing my day with. My girls’ and I looked beautiful, and with that, we FELT beautiful.

Kelly Patricia