How far do you travel?

Here, there, everywhere! Plane, train, boat, or horse drawn carriage, we can travel any which way. In a nutshell, we provide our beauty services on-site, whether it is locally in Connecticut or for a destination wedding across the ocean. Pick a location and we can be there!

Do I need to choose both services? Hair and Makeup?

We love both and we both do both! But we will only do whichever services you request of us, whether it’s just hair, just makeup, or both hair and makeup.

Am I expected to buy products or additional services?

We work to educate, not manipulate. You’ll only get the advice you need with no added pressure. We are open to share our ideas and suggestions with you and you can take as much or as little advice as you like.

What level of service can I expect?

We pride ourselves on our beauty ethics and understand how important a wedding day is, so you will never feel rushed or pressured. We make sure we arrive in a timely manner, fully prepared to make you feel comfortable and stress-free, with just the right amount of added pampering.

I don't know what I want! What do I do?

We provide a thorough preliminary consultation with each client. We evaluate your physical qualities and will make suggestions on ways we can make you look your best. We also ask questions about your day: location, time of day, wedding theme, etc., so everything fits together seamlessly.

Have a question that we didn't answer?

Drop us a message and we will reply to you with the information you need.

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